My Bio and Ethos

Statement of intent

Your wedding day is a time to remember for the rest of your life. Surrounded by family and friends.. your ceremony reflects the love you have for each other and your hopes and dreams for the future

Melissa Laird ~ Marriage Celebrant

Who am I ?

I believe in marriage. Now that may an obvious statement given that I am a Marriage Celebrant!

In the course of our lives, we will form friendships with many people but the intimate relationship between two people will be one of the most valued.

When that relationship is formalised in the union of marriage, our family and friends are invited to join in the celebrations but more importantly, they are witness to our statement of our intention and purpose to each other.

Your marriage ceremony is the outward and public sign of a deep and inner commitment each to other.

My delight is working with couples as we develop a meaningful and enjoyable wedding ceremony for your big day.

I love hearing the stories of how you have met…of who proposed to whom and how and where. Were you instantly attracted to each other……what interests do you share ….How do you enjoy spending time together… What do you love about each other…and also what are the things that challenge you both.

In planning your wedding ceremony…..we talk about the life you have planned in the years ahead….and perhaps your hopes for a home and a family. Or maybe you have already established a life living together and your marriage is the formal acknowledgment of all that already is.

Each couple is different…each person unique and the marriage you will be build is entirely your own.

So yes…I believe in marriage. It is one loveliest things that can happen in life….your wedding….a day to remember..a day of deep significance and meaning. A day of celebration……..A day that is meant to be fun for all.