Have You Considered?

Some things to think about…

There are so many exciting decisions to make when you are planning your wedding. Try to see all the months of preparations as enjoyable and fun.

There are some things to consider when you are choosing the location for your service. An outdoor wedding can be sublime..a warm summer’s evening. A bright sunny spring day. A mellow autumn afternoon can create the most beautiful of atmospheres for the day.

I want to reassure that I will conduct a service anywhere, at any time, in any conditions but it might be helpful to consider some aspects that you may not have thought of:

  • The venue: Will everyone enjoy the service they have been invited to share. Is there access for older or disabled family and friends. Is there seating for some that may have difficulty standing for periods of time. Walking long distances to a park or down steep steps to the beach will create stress for those who find this difficult.

  • Can everyone hear: A ceremony by the beach can be exquisite but the wind and waves can be very noisy and distracting as can long elegant flags. An effective sound system is paramount here.

  • Can everyone see: The rehearsal time is an ideal opportunity to consider the positioning of the wedding party. Is sun glare going to be an issue ? Are you going to suffer severe sun-burn if it is a hot day…are your guests ? Can everyone see the service …is there a better position which will give great photos.
  • Vintage cars are great: However remember, air conditioning was not invented when those lovely old cars were built and if you are considering a convertible. Think about what this might mean to your hair and make-up.

  • Have I got the right time of day: An hour or even half-hour can make all the difference in getting great photos. Think about how the light will be at time of your service…and also for photos afterwards. Have you remembered to factor in daylight saving time.
  • Or the time of year: The light and warmth go quickly in Autumn and Spring. Perhaps considering an earlier time of day ….will prevent everyone from wanting to get inside quickly as the cold descends. And think about having some warm shawls for the wedding party so they are not too cold having photos taken. Websites that may be of assistance : www.bom.gov.au (weather and tides) or www.timeanddate.com (sunrise and sunset).

  • Those pesky flies and mosquitoes: Not a hard problem to overcome if someone remembers the insect repellent.

  • Your default position: Weddings anywhere outdoors can be gorgeous BUT you must have a fallback location or venue. Pouring rain or gale force winds will destroy and distract from what should have been a wonderful day. It’s the decision that you will not want to make…but please have a back-up plan for your own sakes.
  • Carrying those flowers: Although it can look stunning…a heavy bouquet can be tiring. If you have chosen those elegant oriental lilies, make sure that you ask your florist to remove the yellow stamen. They will leave permanent yellow stains on your beautiful dress. A fine water mist will re-vitalise and refresh your flowers.

  • My ring won’t go: Here’s a tip! A little Vaseline or soap will circumvent that awkward moment.
  • Confetti…or Rose Petals: Sadly, most venues these days will not allow confetti. Bubbles are lovely after the service but be aware that they may stain your dress. Flower petals (fresh or dried) are really best but if you wedding ceremony is to be held at a winery, check with the venue that petals are allowed. Some wineries have concerns about the spread of disease through petals.

  • Take the day as it comes: Enjoy… pause… take it all in!!! You have invested an enormous amount of time and enthusiasm planning and preparing for your day. Now let it go… and enjoy. Let yourself be the bride and groom. If little things go wrong …and they sometimes do..there are plenty of others to attend to the problem. Take a breath… Enjoy the moment!!