Step 1:
Choosing the right celebrant for you.

Let’s meet each other….whilst websites and phone conversations are great…nothing beats a face to face meeting. You will get a feel for whether I am the right celebrant for you and I get to understand a little more of the day you have planned….No obligation at all!

Step 2:
Now you’ve decided….

Bookings are confirmed with me via web-site or phone. I will only book one ceremony per day…so your wedding will be my only focus for the day. A non-refundable deposit of $330.00 (GST incl.) is required to secure my services for your wedding day.

Step 3:
The fun begins…

This is where I get to know you both a little more…to hear some the stories of your relationship; how you go together; what you love about each other; what marriage means to you both; your hopes and dreams for the future.

We will talk about the marriage vows, poetry, music and from this meeting, I will write and email a first draft of your wedding ceremony. We may go back and forth a number of times making sure that it exactly the way you want it to be…

This is an ideal time for the Notice of Intended Marriage to be completed.

Step 4:
Getting Closer…

Yes…it is almost the day….but is really important to have a rehearsal. Not only for the two of you but also for your attendants. They will be almost as nervous as the two of you!! So the rehearsal is a really good time to look at the practicalities of the day…where will everyone stand…who has the rings… what music are we using and when…..what special ceremonies are we using.

Prior to your wedding day, another form stating that there is no legal impediment to your marriage needs to be signed. The rehearsal day is an ideal time to ensure this is completed.

Final payment is due also. It is too difficult on the day….your mind is on other things so it is much easier to finalise things prior.

Step 5:
At last… the day has arrived…

For the happy couple, you need to slow down, don’t be anxious…enjoy the Moments. As your wedding celebrant, I will ensure that I arrive at the venue at least one hour prior to the appointed time. This will allow me to set up the sound system if required, to do one last sound and music check. If I haven’t met family members, it will give me time to say ‘Hello’ and to make sure family and friends feel welcome and relaxed.

It is important that your photographer captures all those wonderful moments…so working with them on the day is a priority for me. But most of all is making sure that the ceremony goes just as you want it to be.

Above all…..enjoy !

Step 6 : Making sure you are registered…

All documentation will be forwarded to the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages within the prescribed 14 day registration period.

**Remember you will need to apply to the Registry for a full Certified Copy of the Marriage Certificate. The Marriage Certificate presented on the day carries no legal authority.